Friday, August 13, 2010

Malacca (November 2008)

Yet another delayed trip update.. 2 years ago.. not gonna say much bout diz trip coz im kinda sleepy rite now.. I went there with my parents.. Stay at Everly Resort, Tanjung Kling, Malacca.. Juz 1 night stay.. Enjoy the pics..

Bandar hilir view from Taming Sari Tower

Taming Sari Tower

Me & Dad in front of A Famosa -
Sorry for d blurry images.. Shoot by my mum.. She don't know how to shoot pic using dslr camera..

Everly Resort Night View from pool

D next day, we went to visit Crocodile Farm

We also visit Malacca Zoo which located juz in front of d Crocodile Farm

Kereta lembu.. (Cow Cart)

Another trip to Malacca will be uploaded later..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kapas Island 2008

yeah.. went to island for the second time.. this time to pulau kapas.. located at terengganu.. It takes around 30 minutes to the island by ferry.. when i reach there, i just fall in love with the crystal clear water and the white sandy beach (too white until my eyes silau).. i just can't believe that Malaysia have such beautiful place..

we stay at Duta Puri Resort.. as usual, during the arrival day, we had our own leisure time.. just exploring the island.. went for a walk around the island.. Hunt for food.. The food is pretty expensive i think.. thai fried rice cost rm10.. The weather is freakin hot during my visit..

second day at Kapas island, we went for snorkeling trip at gemia island.. located next to kapas island.. take about 5 minutes to get there by speed boat.. at evening we went for kayaking around the island.. by night there is not much activity can be done there.. we just enjoying the moon.. sitting by the beach chitchatting..

third day as usual, went for check out.. safely arrive at marang jetty around 1pm.. perfect time for lunch.. so, we drive to Kuala Terengganu for lunch there at the local restaurant.. After finishing our lunch, we went for shopping at Pasar Payang.. It's d moment i've been waiting for.. SHOPPING!!!

i bought some local food such as, kuih semang, budu (wajib to buy thing), keropok lekor, some kind of gula2 which i don't remember the name, buah keranji, buah asam jawa and etc.. after dat, we headed back to KL.. but before that, we went to Kuala Kemaman to eat some satar.. fresh satar..

Kapas Island~~

Lunch at Kuala Terengganu

Makan sata dengan lahap nye

Holiday mood.. TIOMAN ISLAND 2007

im on holiday mood rite now.. so, im digging my old picture from my previous holiday trip.. it was 3 years ago.. my 1st holiday ever without my parents.. even though it happen 3 years ago, the memories still remains fresh in my head.. thats why i craving to go back to Tioman Island again..

21-23 July 2007

The Journey.. (day 1)
12am 20th July ~ Should be on bus direct to Mersing, but we miss the bus by some unexpected reason
3am ~ manage to get ticket to Johor Bahru
6am ~ Arrived Johor Bahru bus station safely
9am ~ Take another bus to Mersing
12pm ~ Arrived Mersing Jetty
1.30pm ~Get on ferry - journey tooks around 2 hour
2.30pm ~ Arrived at Ayer Batang Village Jetty (This is the area where we were stay)
next we check in at Johan's Chalet.. it is a budget chalet, but it's kinda ok for me.. We manage to get 2 Quad detached room. Cost us around RM60 per night for non-airconditional room.. (Kinda cheap is it?)

After take few minutes rest in the room, we had our lunch there.. The food is just ok quality to me.. next we decided to do cycling activity.. At night we had our dinner and guest what? They don't have real seafood at Tioman!! no crab, no squid, no cockles, no fresh fish and they only have FILLET FISH.. wtf.. we want real seafood!!!!

2nd day- Whole Day Snorkeling/Island tour
The next morning we went for snorkeling.. hahaha.. my 1st time snorkeling experience ever!! takes time for me to get in the water.. luckily i had my life jacket and my "kaki itik".. 1st time i saw fish swimming from the goggle, i was screaming..

we went snorkeling at Pulau Tulai, Monkey Bay and there is one area i couldnt remember the name.. it was at the deep sea.. We had our lunch that day at Salang village.. nice area i could say.. next time im going to Tioman, im gonna stay there..

around 4 pm we went back to our chalet.. get some rest.. late evening we enjoying pizza by the beach while watching sunset..

day 3.. bye bye tioman
check out is around 10am.. ferry arrive around 12pm.. so, dats d journey to Tioman Island.. from dat time im craving for more holidayyyyy~~~~

Waiting for next bus to mersing at JB bus station..


it's been ages since i didnt write or even visit my own blog.. so, now i'll try to take few minutes from my facebooking time to write something in my blog.. till then, wait for my next post yah!!