Monday, January 10, 2011

he makes me smile~~~

special entry for BRUNO MARS!!!
i'm crazy as hell for this guy! he's the greatest musician ever!!! and also cute!
and i also would love to attend to any of his concert and hearing him singing live.. His voice can make me go to my own wonderland.. Makes me imaging that we were sitting on a tree top while Bruno Mars holding his guitar and sings all his love song to me.. awwwww... sweeettttt... Ok, he's ever been arrested for taking coke (cocaine) but i DONT CARE! as for what i've known, people who take drugs, dealing serious trouble with alcohol, mostly they make great music!

simply say, hes cute + funny + super talented + short + great voice = bruno mars

p/s: Hey bruno, i heard your girlfriend left you after u've been arrested for coke.. Never mind.. don't be sad.. I'm available and i won't leave you no matter what happen..

haa cute tak? Ape? tak cukup cute lagi? jap ek.. adeeee lagiiii...

nah.. cute kannn.. comel aje.... ha? nak full body shot nye lak? Tarak hal...

comel kan.. sempoi je dressup die... haaa... nah die pakai seluar pendek lak.. time die balik kampung kt hawaii.. oh btw, gambar bawah ni, the guy yang macam chinese look tu, wearing black long sleeve shirt tuh, die guitarist baru dalam band bruno.. cute kannnnn???? name die tak ingat pulak. haishh.. tak pe.. later i google..

bruno, i hope you can win grammy..

close up punye gambar.. comellll je...picture taken from justjared, singersroom

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