Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little Kids! 3 Days 2 Nights Johor Bahru + USS

Continuation of yesterday's story.. Please read here to catch the first part.

Around 8pm (6th October 2011) we start our journey from Klang and reach JB around 1am (7th October 2011). Since it's already late during check in, we can't manage to arrange our bus schedule to USS next morning. Need to wait till 7am for counter re-open..

After check in as usual, went to the room and zonk out!

Ok, FYI, TUNE HOTEL JB rooms is really2 small. Max person can accommodate only 2. (Tak ada almari ok!) So, we just throw the bag on the floor and...

Around 7 am the next morning, we went to the bus counter. Sadly, the receptionist told us that the first bus departed to USS already full. So we need to wait for next trip around 9am. (Uhhhh buat penat bangun awal aje...)

So, we decide to go breakfast to fill up the time outside the hotel. (TUNE hotel don't provide breakfast). Pusing-pusing, there was no restaurant for us to breakfast. So, we went back to hotel to eat maggi mee at 7E inside tune hotel.

Suddenly the bus counter receptionist approach us and says there's a group of people didn't check in for the 7am bus, so he ask either we still want to wait till 9am.. Hell NO!!! i was super excited to go USS already!!
At the end we manage to get the earliest bus to USS. Journey from Tune Hotel to USS takes around 1 hour ++.

We arrived in USS around 8am +

pst.. above statement was drafted last year.. but i still want to publish it.. :) not gonna write any longer, here's the photo..

Universal Studios Singapore
 us at the famous globe..

Universal Studios Singapore
me n besties.. ika

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore
the first trip to uss, n i DIDN'T RIDE the blue track due to super sickness after riding the red track coaster.. but i ride on the blue track on my second trip there.. (Wait for another entry)

Universal Studios Singapore
dating at the New York Street

Universal Studios Singapore

Finally before heading back to Johor, must complete it with fireworkssss!!!

Really enjoy my trip to USS!

(Trip was on 2011)

The day this entry being uploaded is already 2013.. yaikss.. 2 years to update.. i lost my passion on blogging during those year.. My life was totally upside down during date time.. More negative story than happy story.. but early 2012, i've become more positive.. For the whole 2012 i've been struggling to get myself back on track.. be happy on what ever i do.. And now 2013 gonna be my years to shine!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A freshly start

Yup.. Typical topic during new year. Hello 2013! First thing to write :: Resolution. For more than 20 years, each year i set almost the same resolution which is :

1. Be a better person then last year
2. Study/work hard
3. Wakeup early
4. Be positive n etc etc etc

It's just a boring n almost the same resolution as previous year n none of them i really achived it! Therefore, this year i'm gonna change my resolution so I can tick at the end of the year if any of them is achived.

1. Take my family for a holiday trip supported by me
2. Play hard!!
3. Smile more and be pretty
4. Active blogging
5. Take as much photo as i can
6. Always do excersize
7. No diet but still need to take care of health
8. Do something crazy
9. Each month save money
10. Rewarding/pampering myself
11. Enjoy life as much as i can
12. Make my parents happy

I think the list will keep growing.. There's soo much i want to achieve this year.. Hopefully by year end i can tick half of it..

There's a reason i want to active back in blogging.. Recently I always read few SG bloggers such as xiaxue, sophie, qiuqiu, miyake,yutakis n ericlim.. Their blog is soo inspired and their photo is soo damn nice even some do plastic surgery to look more nicer n advance photoshop skills. They just showed that being a blogger is all about hardworking n be happy at the same time..

woops, another resolution :: to write my blog post in english as much as i can.. if got wrong grammar, please let me know..

zonk out!