Thursday, January 3, 2013

A freshly start

Yup.. Typical topic during new year. Hello 2013! First thing to write :: Resolution. For more than 20 years, each year i set almost the same resolution which is :

1. Be a better person then last year
2. Study/work hard
3. Wakeup early
4. Be positive n etc etc etc

It's just a boring n almost the same resolution as previous year n none of them i really achived it! Therefore, this year i'm gonna change my resolution so I can tick at the end of the year if any of them is achived.

1. Take my family for a holiday trip supported by me
2. Play hard!!
3. Smile more and be pretty
4. Active blogging
5. Take as much photo as i can
6. Always do excersize
7. No diet but still need to take care of health
8. Do something crazy
9. Each month save money
10. Rewarding/pampering myself
11. Enjoy life as much as i can
12. Make my parents happy

I think the list will keep growing.. There's soo much i want to achieve this year.. Hopefully by year end i can tick half of it..

There's a reason i want to active back in blogging.. Recently I always read few SG bloggers such as xiaxue, sophie, qiuqiu, miyake,yutakis n ericlim.. Their blog is soo inspired and their photo is soo damn nice even some do plastic surgery to look more nicer n advance photoshop skills. They just showed that being a blogger is all about hardworking n be happy at the same time..

woops, another resolution :: to write my blog post in english as much as i can.. if got wrong grammar, please let me know..

zonk out!

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