Friday, November 6, 2009

10 IF

if i don't sms u first, why not u sms me first?
if i don't talk to u, why not u talk to me?
if i didn't call u before i went to sleep, why not u call me first before u sleep?
if i never ask u to watch movie with me, why not u ask me to watch movie with you?
if i didn't give you any gift, why not u give me any gift?
if i don't tell u my daily activities, why not u tell me your daily activities?
if i forgot to say i love u each day, why not u say i love u each day too?
if i never ask u out for a date, why not u ask me out?
if i don't make u happy, why not u make me happy?
if i don't treat you like my boyfriend, why not u treat me like your girlfriend?
if i'm not being perfect to u, why not u be perfect for me?

**layan emosi**
my english is suck.. sorry if there is soo many mistake in my sentences..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i love gooooo gle

logo google ari nih ^^^^^^^^^^^
i love sesame street n cookie monster soo much.. luckily google malaysia displayed cookie monster on their logo..
google is celebrating 40th birthday of sesame street!!
bayangkan sesame street nih lgi tua dr sy..
anyway, gud job google.. sooo cute!