Friday, November 6, 2009

10 IF

if i don't sms u first, why not u sms me first?
if i don't talk to u, why not u talk to me?
if i didn't call u before i went to sleep, why not u call me first before u sleep?
if i never ask u to watch movie with me, why not u ask me to watch movie with you?
if i didn't give you any gift, why not u give me any gift?
if i don't tell u my daily activities, why not u tell me your daily activities?
if i forgot to say i love u each day, why not u say i love u each day too?
if i never ask u out for a date, why not u ask me out?
if i don't make u happy, why not u make me happy?
if i don't treat you like my boyfriend, why not u treat me like your girlfriend?
if i'm not being perfect to u, why not u be perfect for me?

**layan emosi**
my english is suck.. sorry if there is soo many mistake in my sentences..


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Anonymous said...

huuhu azea..POWER seh bdaSArkan PengalAMan ek.. Gud WOrK!! keep it uP!! thMUBs UP >,<