Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stay TUNE!! 3 days 2 nights Johor Bahru + USS

Ok this is super super super delay post!!! Suddenly je i found the passion back to write in my blog..

This trip dah over a year dah (n i already went to USS for the 2nd time within a year ni).. But i still want to update it. Just to inspire 'budgeters' traveller like me.. hehe (i always plan my trip to the lowest cost)

so, this jb + uss trip was my first time travelling to oversea (haha singapore jeeerrr).. went there with my bf Din, my bff Ika n long lost friend, Karma..

Intially, i was planning for 2 days 1 night trip only, just to cut the cost. But thinking dat we will become super tired after back from USS, so i had to agree with others to extend another night.

As usuall, whenever it comes to planning for any trip, my friends will leave it to me (maybe sebab i work in travel agent).. huhu.. *sigh*

after few days of research to find the most cheap + comfort place to stay, we end up stayed in TUNE HOTEL DANGA BAY!!! super cheap and super comfort!!! deff. gonna stay there again if i have to travel JB again. (eh sekarang JB dah banyak tempat best)

For those yang not really familiar with hotel online booking, Tune Hotel provide a very2 simple step to complete ur booking.

1st. On their home page, choose which hotel you want to stay, put the date, how many room you need etc and click book now.

2nd choose your room type. In my case i choose 2 rooms with twin bed. So far, as to my knowledge, the double bed room is much cheaper then twin room. But i've book twin room instead for obvious reason which is the boys dont want to sleep on the same bed. Haha (Me n Ika dont have any prob to share bed).

3. Choose how many person in each room. Not sure y they have this option whislt the room only can accommodate maximum 2 persons.

4th step is my fav part when it comes to book with Tune Hotels. In order to save your bajet, you can simply add on or take out any choice you want. For 2 nights, i only choose to add the package of 12hour air-cond + toiletries. 12 hours onlyyyy??? I tell you aaa.. Memang cukup 12 hours of aircond.. If your credit finish, you can simply add it at their front desk..

I also add on coach from hotel to USS. Only cost us RM23 per pax for return trip to Resort World Sentosa.

Last part, review and payment. Just key in all information needed and  you will receive your booking number confirmation.

Since i already mention that this is a budget trip, so we want to put everything on budget.. Even our annual leave also tak mo bazir. Haha.. So, this us how our plan was. Thursday, work like usual, then at night baru start the journey drive to JB then in Friday early morning head to USS then saturday balik KL..

To be continued..

need to zonk out!
Good night..

Psst senang nye ada apps blogger ni.. sambil nak amik mood tdo, karang blog kejap..

Friday, September 21, 2012

Self Camwhore

I don't always do this. But when i do, its on instagram

Braided hair!

finally... i can do this.. been waiting to do this since forever!

(p/s: it been forever since i had long hair!!!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kek choc moist

2 cawan tepung gandum
2 sudu kecil baking powder
2 cawan gula halus
4 biji telur gred A
250 gm buttercup
2 sudu kecil esen vanilla
*1 cawan serbuk koko
*1/2 cawan gula halus
*1 cawan air panas
*1/2 cawan susu cair

1. Masukan bahan yang bertanda * serbuk koko,gula halus dan air panas dan jerangkan atas dapur dgn api yang kecil sambil dikacau rata dan berkilat sejukan dan tuangkan *susu cair kacau rata dan ketepikan.

2. Pukul butter dan gula hingga kembang dan masukan telur sebiji-sebiji, vanilla di gaul rata dan ayak tepung dengan baking powder 3 x baru masukan tepung berselang selikan dengan pes coklat tadi dan digaul hingga rata-rata,

3. Masukan dalam loyang 9 x 9 dan bakar selama 1 jam pada suhu 180 darjah api atas bawah.

4. Sejukan kek dan dibahagi 3 atau biarkan begitu saja.

5. Untuk moistnya satukan 100 gm coklat masak, 3 sudu besar susu pekat manis (ikut secukup rasa anda) dan 3 sudu besar air panas dan cairkan secara double boiler hingga pekat dan curahkan diatas kek dan hiaskan ikut suka.Selamat mencuba.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Resepi Kek Buah dan badam

1 1/2 cawan kurma - dicincang
1/4 cawan air panas
185 gm mentega
3/4 cawan gula kastor
3 biji telur
2 cawan tepung kek / tepung naik sendiri
1/2 cawan badam
1/2 cawan ceri dicincang

Cara membuatnya:
1. Gris acuab 9 x 9 x 2. Lapik kertas dan gris kertas.
2. Campurkan kurma dengan air panas. Biarkan sehingga sejuk.
3. Pukul mentega dengan gula sehingga kembang. Masukkan telur satu persatu. Kacau rata. Masukkan tepung 2 kali.
4. Ratakan bancuhan dalam acuan. Campurkan kurma bersama airnya sekali ke dalam bancuhan yang selebihnya dan tuang ke dalam acuan. Taburkan badam dan ceru. Bakar pada 180'C selama 45 minit. Sejukkan sebelum potong.

Resepi Coklat Delight

100 gm margerin
175 gm gula hangus
1 sudu besar sirap gula hangus
2 biji telur
170 gm tepung kek / tepung naik sendiri
2 sudu besar serbuk koko
30 gm coklat cip
Secubit garam

Cara membuatnya:
1. Putar marjerin bersama gula halus hingga kembang. Masukkan sirap gula hangus dan kacau hingga rata.
2. Masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji,kaup balikkan tepung.
3. Campurkan coklat cip dan gaul rata. Masukkan ke dalam bekas dan bakar hingga masak.
4. Hias dengan buah-buahan.

Resepi biskut raya - Pamelo Oren Rangup

130 gm mentega
70 gm gula kastor
1 biji kuning telur
40 gm cornflakes - dimesin
2 sudu besar badam cincang
20 gm susu tepung
1/2 sudu pes oren
1/8 sudu teh serbuk penaik
20 gm tepung kentang
40 gm tepung jagung
150 gm tepung gandum

Kuning telur dan badam cincang

Cara membuatnya:
1. Putar mentega, gula, kuning telur dan pes oren sehingga sebati. Masukkan bahan kering lain.
2. Uli menjadi doh dan terap dengan acuan. Hias dan bakar.

Resepi tat nenas

250 gm mentega
50 gm gula aising
50 gm tepung jagung
2 biji kuning telur
1 sudu teh esen vanila
1 sudu besar susu tepung
300 gm tepung gandum
1/2 sudu teh serbuk penaik

Kuning telur & jem nenas

Jem nenas:
300 gm nenas (disagat/diparut)
100 gm gula kastor
Kulit kayu manis
Secubit garam

Cara membuatnya:
1. Pukul sebati mentega dan gula. Masukkan esen vanilla kuning telur. Selepas itu masukkan bahan bahan lain.
2. Uli hingga menjadi doh. Canai adunan dan gunakan penggelek khas
3. Potong adunan bentuk persegi dan letakkan inti di tengah. Gulung kemas. Sapu kuning telur dan bakar.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

di hujung jari

Org kata zaman semakin maju.. Jadi, mari kita cuba publish post guna phone.. If you're reading this, im sending it thru my phone.. Lepas ni boleh update selalu..

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


still no idea what to write here.. actually, this is just another empty entry..because I'm too bored waiting for my video to stream, i wrote this entry.. Seems like most my friends has stop blogging.. ok gonna stop..