Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cherating with l.o.v.e 2010

ok another late update by me.. Me and my love which is Cik Nad, Ecahtun and Min min decided for a great holiday escapade at Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang. It was our 2nd holiday escapade together.. before this we went to Port Dickson (Ouch, haven't updated it yet)..

Kitorang stay kat Impiana Resort Cherating just for 1 Night.. walaupun ianya merupakan short vacay, we really had fun there.. Mane tak seronok nye, we manage to stay there for free and big thanks to my dad for it.

(explanation diberikan di bawah setiap gambar)

A: Welcome to cherating.. 1st time i jejak kuantan ok.. i memang jarang sangat dapat pergi area pantai timur ni.. And this is also my 1st time long drive.. 4 hours++ jugak la journey from KL to Cherating ni..
B: Impiana Cherating Resort
C: Our block.. Hujung sekali..
D: Our room for 1 night.. Deluxe room

A: Ade sofa bed rupenyee
B: Posing di sofa bed ni memang wahib ye
C: Toiletries
D: Coffee making nye facilities pun maw amik gambar jugak

A: me, minmin, ecahtun and cik nad juga memang wajib bergambar
B: main layang-layang kat tepi pantai memang seronok
C: bermain layang-layang bersama-sama
D: Hey its sunshine direct into our roommmmmm! Best feeling ever

A: The next morning before check out, kitorang pegi mandi laut lagi and jumpe ketam batu..
B: Ok, buhbye Impiana Cherating Resort. CU Next time.. Check out timeee
C: After check out, kitorang ke bandar Kemaman for lunch. Nak carik gerai tepi jalan tapi takut tak best, so at last, we had our lunch at A&W
D: On the way back to KL, singgah kejap kat Turtle Sanctuary. Nasib tak baik, hari tu tak ada lepas penyu ke laut. So, just tengok je la turtle yang ade kat sanctuary tu.. This sanctuary just right next to Club Med Cherating

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