Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cameron Highlands with wrong timing

During last week on Wesak Day public holiday, me and few buddies decide to have a short vacay at Cameron Highlands. All I can say, it was such a disastrous holiday.. But it was probably because we travel there with the wrong timing. It was the first day of school holiday plus it's also a public holiday on that Friday.

We start the journey in the morning at 9.00am. By calculation, we should arrive at Cameron Highlands around 1 pm.. But.............. by 1pm, we only manage to get at Tapah RnR and stop there for lunch about 1 hour. We got stuck from Sungai Buloh to Bukit Tagar, and the other one is at Bidor towards Tapah due to accident. Finally we arrived at Cameron Highlands at 4.00pm

We straight away check in to our apartment at Villa Dahlia in Tanah Rata. Right after we check in, it started to rain outside.. So, we had to delayed our activity to the night market.
At 5.30pm, I can't wait anymore in the apartment, so we decide to go Night Market even though it's still raining.. Luckily i always keep extra umbrella in my car. I didn't take picture at the Night Market because it was too pack with human there even it's raining.

I bought so few vegetables for my mom, cactus and also a fried squid which is tooooo expensive.. Cost me RM10..

At night, we had our own steamboat in the apartment, since we were hungry and busy eating, i forgot to snap a single picture for the night.

Next morning, at 7.00am, I wake up and went for a walk from the apartment to Brinchang just to get a fresh air in the morning. But there is no fresh air there.. Soo much smoke from the lorry and buses that morning..

Next around 11.30am, we ready to continue exploring Cameron Highlands, butttt...... right after we went out at the junction in front the our apartment, there is already a non moving traffic jammed!! I was like... what the........
It took us about 1 hour plus just to get to Kea Farm from Brinchang.. !@^%&#^#%$ Luckily my car is auto.. If not my leg will get cramp. And.......... when we walk at Kea Farm around 5 minutes, it's started to rain again.......And it's raining heavily...

Then we headed to Boh Tea Plantation. It was such a beautiful place with great scenery.

- Don't travel to Cameron Highlands during super peak season (Public Holiday + School Holiday) if not, you'll be stuck in the traffic jammed up there..
- Villa Dahlia is situated right at the junction before golf club at Tanah Rata. If you're coming from Tapah exit, it's a bit difficult for you to see the hotel's sign
- Villa Dahlia is quite creepy when you look from outside, but inside the apartment is ok..
- Bring you own iron if you need it, they dont provide..
- Make sure you car have extra space.. For those vegetables, fruits and etc hahaha..

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