Tuesday, September 8, 2009

weight gain

hurm.. last weekend aku boring2 mase main tenet, maka tangan nih gatal pegi bukak website blackmores... the tetibe gatal nk taw pasal kesihatan.. so, aku pun anta la soalan melalui website tuh.. katenye pakar diorg akan jwb soalan aku.. ala.. tnye soalan pun.. x kene baya kn.. so aku tanye la mengenai mslh kesihatan aku.. yakni susah sgt nk naik berat badan.. so, ini adalah jawapan yg die bg kt aku... huhuhuhu.. nk buat fruit smoothies tuh aku rase x de mslh.. yg jd mslh suh campur spirulina.. eeeuuwwww... huhuhuhuhu

Dear Aziah

Here is the answer to your question.

In many circumstances people find it harder to gain weight than those wanting to loose it.
Being underweight can be the result of a number of physical causes including hormonal, an over active thyroid, your individual genetic makeup, food intake not being adequate to sustain your level of activity, stress and digestive problems that cause poor absorption of nutrients.

Increasing the size and frequency of your meals each day may help as this will slow down your metabolism. I suggest that you increase the protein and carbohydrate levels in your diet.

Your local health food store should supply you with some whey protein powder which you can blend into a fruit smoothie, add it to water or sprinkle it on your cereal in the morning. Taking a protein supplement which contains carbohydrates and protein will assist with fuelling muscle growth and contributes to weight gaining.

Diet for Healthy Weight Gain
Have the following prote in 'smoothie' made from either fresh apple juice or soy milk 1-2 times per day between meals (not as a meal replacement) to boost nutrition, protein and essential fatty acids:
1 cup of juice or soy milk
1 tblspn of flaxseed oil(what is diz???? where can i find them???)
1 Banana
1 tablespoons of whey protein powder (from health food store)
1 tablespoon of spirulina (this will make the smoothie look very green but won't change the taste - so if this is unacceptable he could take about 6 tablets instead -
1 teaspoon of brewer's yeast.

Increase lean good quality protein at each meal. Have lean beef, lamb, tofu, beans, eggs; increase whole grains such as oats, brown rice, spelt, barley, millet, rye etc; increase full spectrum of vegetables and fruit of all colours; snack on almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc; Increase water and fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Have variety.

Avoid white flour breads, biscuits, highly refined pastas, cakes, confectionary etc. Have whole grain cereals, breads, pastas etc.

Avoid soda drinks as these can affect the absorption of vital minerals, and also cause over-stimulation of the nervous system due to the high amount of caffeine and sugar and they reduce the appetite for healthy foods. Sparkling apple juice or better pure water is a superior alternative.

Eat 3-4 main meals plus 3-4 healthy snacks between meals
Snack on wholemeal sandwiches, dried fruit and nuts, crackers wholemeal muffins, crumpets and toast as well fruit.

Add fresh, tinned or dried fruit to breakfast cereals and yogurt

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Nadia Abd Rahman said...

kalau laaaa aku ni leh sedekah lemak² dlm badan aku ni lama da aku sedekahkan...aduhhhh...